Frequently Asked Questions

What currency is your site listed and checkout process in?

All of our prices are by default in USD, same with the checkout process. Although we are a Canadian based company, we have printers across the world and USD is the most universally acknowledged currency for online sales.

How are your portraits made?

Everything is digitally designed using computer programs and an artist behind a screen rather than behind a brush. These still take artistic skill and effort to create, however everything can be done much faster, for less costs, and in many more unique ways! Everything prints out beautifully, even better than hand painted art in most cases.

Where does my print ship from?

Orders will be shipped from within your country!

  • We have 2 print warehouses in Canada, east and west locations.
  • In the USA we have print warehouses in 4 different states.
  • The United Kingdom we have a full size print facility
  • Australia has its own warehouse based out of Melbourne.

Do I have to pay duties or import fees?

Absolutely not! We currently only ship to the countries where we have print warehouses based. This ensures you not only have faster shipping times, you also don't have to worry about import fees, taxes or duties as nothing comes across the border to you. *if we ever ship from one of our other warehouses due to a stock shortage or rare event, contact us and we will fix that right up for you!

Do I have to pay taxes?

As a Canadian registered business, we do charge GST/HST to Canadian customers based on your province.

Where do you ship to then?

We proudly ship across Canada, USA, United Kingdom, and Australia. If you reside outside those areas and are interested in a print product, please reach out as we may be able to ship to you and can get you a shipping quote.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship every order absolutely free! If you need a more rushed shipment, please contact us prior to ordering otherwise everything is shipped standard courier and tracking will be provided once shipped.

Can I still order the digital only file if I live outside those areas?

Of course! Since digital only portraits don't require shipping, you can order our custom portraits in which we will email the finished art to you.

What type of files do I need for custom portraits or size of photos?

All that info can be found in detail on our How Portraits Work page.

Can I customize my portrait if I want to add a name or date..etc. to it?

Yes we offer custom personalization options, free of charge! See our personalization options page for more details.

Why are some custom portraits more expensive than others?

The difference in price is solely based on design time. Some of the more elaborate custom portraits, like a monster face, will take much more time than a custom "effect" to an image as it has more intricate details to work on.

I am looking for something specific for a custom portrait, do you do custom requests?

We are definitely open to requests! Send us an email with what you were thinking and we can see if its a possibility, we are always looking to add more styles of custom portraits.

What is the difference between Canvas & Fine Art Print?

For better details, please see our Print Options Page

What is your return/refund policy?

All custom portraits, digital or print are final sale as these are custom made especially for you. We can't resell or do much with someone else's custom wedding portrait and these take design time to create, so these would be non-returnable, no exceptions.

What if my print came damaged, misprinted or the wrong print was sent?

In order to better serve international customers, we have partnered with print warehouses in different countries. On the very rare occurrence, a misprint or wrongfully shipped item can happen, we are only human. Or an item can arrived damaged from shipping or other reasons. In any of these cases, please contact us ASAP with pictures if possible so we can understand exactly the issue and we can remedy it right away with a replacement.

Can I cancel my order?

If you changed your mind after ordering and no longer want to proceed with your custom portrait, please email us ASAP! Orders can only be cancelled if we have not started working on your design yet. If you also ordered a canvas or fine art print but we are only at the design stage, we are still able to cancel the print and deliver you just the digital file and refund the difference.

I have a large social media following, do you cross promote with influencers?

We would love to work with different people to help spread our service and products! Big or small, we welcome anyone that would like to promote our business for some return perks. You can find all that info on our Influencer page.

I still have questions that aren't answered here!

Send us an email through our Contact Page and we will be happy to help you with anything at all, usually within 24 hours or less. No question is too big or small ;)